Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your translations are awful !
Well, go ahead, please submit your own version of the text. Unfortunately, there's only one person behind this website, and it's difficult for one to be fluent in every language. So yeah, sometimes Google helped.

Why did you choose this flag to represent xxx language ? Xxx country would have been more appropriate !
Given that only one flag fits for one language, please don't be offended if your language isn't represented by your own flag.

How do I help ?
Please take a look at the Contact section.
Your banner here ?
If you own an Ace Attorney website and want it to be here,
please send an e-mail to, with a 88x31 banner if possible.
A clear link to Ace Attorney World must be made on your website, for example with this code :
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Ace Attorney World"></a>
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